Hotels near Daksh Mahadev Temple Haridwar

Hotels near Daksh Mahadev Temple Haridwar

The DAKSESHWAR MAHADEV has the entitlement conceived to be among five holy places in Haridwar, moreover popularly noted as DAKSHA TEMPLE. The olden temple is track down in the KANKHAL town, absolutely at a distance of 4 KM from the pilgrimage town of Haridwar. Pilgrims can take up a spectacular walk to reach Kankhal. The spot of the temple is immensely peaceful, serene and the Himalayas guise is flawless backdrop to the scene. While you drive a visit to the DAKSHA TEMPLE in Haridwar, you can also see Birbhadreshwar on route. The holy place was built by Queen Dhankaur in 1810 AD. The confirmed location of the temple is concerning the south of the Kankhal town.

For instance the lion’s share of the other shrines, the Daksha Temple has also alliance with a legend. Hindus presume that it is here where KING DAKSHA PRAJAPATI (Sati's father) has beheld his yagna (an act desire to supplicate gods and look for their favor). Legend has it that while the king performed an act he did not call LORD SHIVA. On learning this SATI (LORD SHIVA'S PARTNER) felt extremely offended and as a result she stationed herself on fire in the Yagna kund. A provoked Shiva assassinated king Daksha. Although, Shiva later brought Sati's father back to life. The Daksha Temple based to commemorate the whole event.

The incident being distinctly remarkable one, the Daksha Temple detain in high admiration by the Hindus. Pilgrims and lovers from all over the place come to Kankhal to atone a visit to the temple and look for blessings from the deity. The BIRBHADRESHWAR TEMPLE in Kankhal is another leading religious site that fan visit in the course of their tour from Haridwar to Kankhal

Budget Hotel in Haridwar

When it comes to budget accommodation, Haridwar has no shortage of Hotels, Guest Houses, Dharamshalas and lodges. Out of many accommodation places, here we would introduce you to budget hotel named Govind Bhawan hotel near har ki pauri in Haridwar with best of its amenities for the convenience of guests/visitors. Govind Bhawan hotel is approximately 6 kms from DAKSHA TEMPLE, the temple which is being introduced earlier on this page. Govind Bhawan hotel’s another famous/known name to get it recognized in Haridwar is The Bathinda Wali Dharamshala. This hotel provides three categories of rooms depending on the budget of the guest which are Air-Conditioned Rooms, Economy Rooms and Dormitory Rooms.

Features Depending Upon Categories of Rooms

As mentioned hotel in Haridwar, Govind Bhawan hotel’s Air-Conditioned rooms are more spacious in comparison with Economy Rooms with attached toilet cum bathroom, also equipped with geysers. These rooms have got televisions. In comparison with Air-Conditioned rooms, the Dormitory rooms has got multiple beds in it for economical reasons keeping in mind budget travelers or visitors with basic facilities attached to it. Additional beddings are provided on request in these rooms.

Common Facilities for Every Guest

Govind Bhawan hotel is four side open property which facilitate ample space for parking. Because of its location, Govind Bhawan hotel is situated at a walking distance to railway station, bus stand and har ki pauri. Many shops and restaurants are all around this property for the ease of visitors. All other facilities like taxi, rickshaws, autos, etc are available at the doorstep of this hotel.

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