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The famous Hindu temple 'Chandi Devi' was built by Suchat Singh in 1929 who was the ruler of Kashmir. That is why; this temple was built within the land of his dynasty. This temple is adding divine glory to the holy city of Haridwar in UttaraKhand state of India at the lofty hill of Neel Mountain on the eastern peak of Shivalik hills. Adi Shankaracharya had established the prime idol of Chandi Devi there in 8th century. This pilgrimage is one of the 'Panch tirths' and also called as 'Siddha Peetha' where no pilgrim goes with empty hand.

Related legends :

Hindu mythology tells that once beast kings namely Shumbha and Nishumbha threw all the presiding deities out of their abode 'paradise'. The tensed gods urged goddess Parvati to get them released from the despotism of those demon kings. Goddess' heart melted and then, goddess 'Chandi' had transformed herself into the most beautiful maiden. In disguise of gorgeous aesthetic girl, she killed devils' generals Chanda and Munda first who delivered marital proposal forcefully to her on behalf of their cruel kings Shumbha and Nishumbha. Later, both arrogant kings were slaughtered by goddess Chandika (the outrageous form of Goddess Parvati). Subsequently, goddess Chandika lost into infinite sleep on the hills of Neel. This temple was constructed to judge the reality of legend.

Significance of the temple :

Kumbha Mela,Navratra and Chandi Chaudas are the sacred occasion on the eve of which people gather and swarm in Haridwar for seeking devotional satiety and blessing of Chandika Devi.

Another pious temple of goddess Anjana (mother of lord Hanuman) is adorned nearby it. Neeleshwar temple at the foothill of Neel Mountain and Mansa Devi temple on Bilwa Mountain opposite River Ganges are summing up more spirituality to the valley.

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